Boost Customer Convenience with CarServ + Lyft

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CarServ, the operating system for auto repair, is proud to announce a partnership with Lyft, the fastest growing rideshare company in the US. Together the two companies will combine CarServ’s optimized repair shop workflow and enhanced shop customer experience with Lyft’s mission to improve people’s lives with the world’s best transportation.

The partnership will simplify the repair experience and increase convenience for vehicle owners. Repair facilities using CarServ can easily request Lyft rides for their customers. The repair facilities can get customers in and out of the door faster while offering their customers a valuable service.

CarServ is powered by machine learning in order to drive efficiency at repair facilities. Our focus is a consistent, high-quality experience for customers; all based on better data and insight around the repair process. CarServ and Lyft now offer a unified repair and ridesharing experience for consumers.

By partnering with Lyft, CarServ service facilities can stop purchasing and maintaining courtesy vehicles, and save money by using Lyft for courtesy rides. These repair facilities can then use those cost savings to devote more resources to fixing more cars, faster. Better operational and customer service can drive revenue growth.

“We’re excited to partner with CarServ to deliver added value to repair shops,” said Ben Sternsmith, Area Vice President of Lyft Business. “Through this integration, CarServ clients can eliminate the longstanding need for courtesy vehicles, leveraging Lyft as an affordable transportation solution. Resulting cost savings can then be reinvested towards fixing more cars, faster, while providing their end customers with a better transportation experience.”

“This is a crucial and innovative step in transforming the consumer experience of automotive repair,” said Mars Mundy, Founder and CEO of Carserv. “As we move toward a future of reduced vehicle ownership, growth of rideshare fleets and subscription-based transportation, CarServ will bring repair facilities into the mobility ecosystem. This will allow the vehicle service industry to adapt to the evolving landscape”

The Carserv operating system provides an end-to-end solution powered by machine learning that will allow service centers to cut costs, improve efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction. CarServ wants to make vehicle service a consistent, high-quality experience for customers because it is our belief that business models which unify consumer experiences will dominate the future of mobility.

CarServ at NAIAS

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CarServ was proud to be included among the 50 startups presenting to North American International Automotive Show (NAIAS) in Detroit. We were fortunate to be able to form some promising business development relationships and introduce our software platform to a broad audience.

As part of NAIAS, our CEO Mars Mundy was asked to do an interview with CNBC. We are thrilled with the reception for CarServ coming out of NAIAS and our first opportunity for international press coverage. We look forward to more in the future!

Parts Procurement Systems Offer Efficiency Gains

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With the emergence of parts procurement systems, many shops are changing the way that they order supplies. While some are making the move directly because their DRP agreements required it or they joined an OEM certification program, all of them are implementing a best practice that can increase efficiency.

According to a study, in 2015 as many as 52% of shops still relied on phone calls, emails and faxes to order parts. However, those that have transitioned have seen improvement in the accuracy and efficiency of parts deliveries. These improvements have led to owners seeing a boost in profitability and the efficiency of their shops.

While the software of different parts procurement systems may function differently, most allow employees to quickly contact multiple suppliers. Some systems allow workers to contact more than one supplier simultaneously. This allows you to find and compare parts faster and more efficiently than traditional methods.

This efficiency can result in significant time savings for shops. The efficiency these systems offer make their implementation a clear best practice for every shop moving forward.

For a more indepth look at how these systems can positively impact your business, check out these case studies provided by 

CarServ Revs Through Demo Day

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Greetings, and welcome back to the CarServ blog!  My name is Mars Mundy, and I am the founder and CEO of CarServ.  CarServ is a software as a service (SaaS) startup based in Austin, TX.  We are a Techstars company (Austin 2016), a fact of which we are immensely proud!

At CarServ we help automotive repair shops and service centers run their shops, increase customer satisfaction and retention.  You are probably wondering how we do this.  Well, the short answer is that we provide a real-time, dynamic shop management and communication platform for these businesses to manage the back office as well as the entire customer communication process during and after the repair.

In essence we take a process that currently involves 3-5 pieces of unintegrated software and an excessive amount of phone calls and we transform it using our platform. CarServ can do everything from telling a shop what parts they need, to ordering those parts, building an estimate, texting or emailing that to a customer, and notifying the shop when the customer approves the work.

Here is our video from Techstars Demo Day:

Expect more posts soon!



Texting keeps your customers coming back

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It’s a decision you make repeatedly every day, often without realizing. How do I communicate with this car owner? The most common answer (for decades) has been calling them on the phone. But this is a time-consuming and increasingly inefficient system as mobile phone users talk less and text more.

The last thing anyone wants is a voicemail. Consumers don’t like getting a voicemail message or checking those messages. Phone tag quickly becomes frustrating for both parties involved, and with so many tasks – and customers! – to manage in a repair shop phone calls quickly turn into phone tag.

Which brings us to text messages.

Businesses are employing text messages as a communication tool more and more, and they are seeing positive results.

A 2012 study conducted to determine customer satisfaction found that the highest rated method of contact was text message. In fact, text message received a score of 90 out of 100, far surpassing other methods of contact.

Everyone knows how prominent texting is. It is the most-used application on smartphones, with 97% of Americans texting daily. What may come as news to many is that consumers actually want businesses to text them. A 2014 report on consumer behavior found that 64% of consumers prefer texting to phone as a customer service channel.

The things customers prefer to do when texting with a business fit perfectly with the workflow in the automotive repair industry: checking the status of a job and scheduling an appointment.
To sum up, if you want to keep your customers happy and reach them in an efficient way, use a tool that allows you to text them.

– The CarServ Team