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Texting keeps your customers coming back

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It’s a decision you make repeatedly every day, often without realizing. How do I communicate with this car owner? The most common answer (for decades) has been calling them on the phone. But this is a time-consuming and increasingly inefficient system as mobile phone users talk less and text more.

The last thing anyone wants is a voicemail. Consumers don’t like getting a voicemail message or checking those messages. Phone tag quickly becomes frustrating for both parties involved, and with so many tasks – and customers! – to manage in a repair shop phone calls quickly turn into phone tag.

Which brings us to text messages.

Businesses are employing text messages as a communication tool more and more, and they are seeing positive results.

A 2012 study conducted to determine customer satisfaction found that the highest rated method of contact was text message. In fact, text message received a score of 90 out of 100, far surpassing other methods of contact.

Everyone knows how prominent texting is. It is the most-used application on smartphones, with 97% of Americans texting daily. What may come as news to many is that consumers actually want businesses to text them. A 2014 report on consumer behavior found that 64% of consumers prefer texting to phone as a customer service channel.

The things customers prefer to do when texting with a business fit perfectly with the workflow in the automotive repair industry: checking the status of a job and scheduling an appointment.
To sum up, if you want to keep your customers happy and reach them in an efficient way, use a tool that allows you to text them.

– The CarServ Team