CarServ Revs Through Demo Day

By June 17, 2016Uncategorized

Greetings, and welcome back to the CarServ blog!  My name is Mars Mundy, and I am the founder and CEO of CarServ.  CarServ is a software as a service (SaaS) startup based in Austin, TX.  We are a Techstars company (Austin 2016), a fact of which we are immensely proud!

At CarServ we help automotive repair shops and service centers run their shops, increase customer satisfaction and retention.  You are probably wondering how we do this.  Well, the short answer is that we provide a real-time, dynamic shop management and communication platform for these businesses to manage the back office as well as the entire customer communication process during and after the repair.

In essence we take a process that currently involves 3-5 pieces of unintegrated software and an excessive amount of phone calls and we transform it using our platform. CarServ can do everything from telling a shop what parts they need, to ordering those parts, building an estimate, texting or emailing that to a customer, and notifying the shop when the customer approves the work.

Here is our video from Techstars Demo Day:

Expect more posts soon!